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2019.11.15 11:00

Estonia opts not to legalise marijuana

LRT.lt2019.11.15 11:00

Over 1 000 activists in Estonia have signed a proposal to tax and enforce government control over the cannabis market by legalising it. Yet, legislators have not welcomed the idea citing health damage from the substance.

Estonian public broadcaster ERR reported on Wednesday that the proposal asks the state to regulate the cannabis market, impose taxes and an age of 21 years for marijuana purchases.

MP Oskar-Aleksander Lesment from the conservative EKRE party said taxing the cannabis market would benefit the state budget. However, Chairman of the Estonian Parliament Social Affairs Committee Tõnis Mölder (Centre Party) disagreed.

“The economic aspect or the benefits we get from it do not outweigh the health damage,” said Mölder.

He added that in Estonia’s current political direction there are no plans to legalise or relax the rules concerning the use of cannabis, ERR reports.

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