2019.11.14 10:00

Climate action plan makes way through Lithuanian government

BNS2019.11.14 10:00

The Lithuanian government has approved in principle a draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), setting out the country's climate change objectives.

The NECP has now been made available for public consultations.

The final plan for 2021-2030, which is to be submitted to the European Commission by the end of the year, is to be endorsed on December 18, the government's office said in a press release on Wednesday.

According to the plan, Lithuania will abide by all of the EU's commitments to meeting the UN sustainable development and Paris Climate Change Agreement goals.

These commitments focus on the following three targets to be achieved by 2030: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent (relative to the 2005 levels), improving energy efficiency by at least 32.5 percent, and increasing the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix to 32 percent.

The individual targets set for Lithuania include cutting emissions by nine percent by 2030 (relative to the 2005 levels), reducing energy intensity by at least 50 percent (from the 2017 levels), and increasing the share of renewable energy to at least 45 percent.

If all the planned measures are implemented by 2030, emissions are expected to decrease by 8.1 percent in Lithuania's transport sector, 9.1 percent in agriculture, 9.8 percent in manufacturing, and 52.4 percent in the waste sector.

The government's plan estimates that the climate change measures will require about 14 billion euros in investment.

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