2019.11.13 14:30

Budbergytė elected leader of social democrat group in Lithuanian parliament

BNS2019.11.13 14:30

Rasa Budbergytė has been elected chair of the Social Democratic Party group in Lithuanian parliament, Seimas.

She will replace Julius Sabatauskas who has been in the position for one year and is now the opposition leader.

The group said the social democrats elect their chair on a rotational basis, with the leadership changing every year.

"I am taking over as the group's leader at a responsible moment when the state budget we cannot support is under consideration [and] as the pay rise promises given to doctors, teachers and other employees of budgetary establishments have not be fulfilled," Budbergytė said in a statement issued by the group.

The LSDP group has nine seats in the parliament, and is the largest party in Lithuania with 16,500 members.

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