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Latvian Green Party excluded from European greens 2019.11.11 17:00

Latvian Green Party (LZS) has been excluded from the European Green Party (EGP), according to the Latvian news agency, LETA.

LZS chairman Edgars Tavars told LETA that the Latvian party expected to be excluded from the Europeans greens, because "it became harder and harder to associate our party with the sio-called modern European greens".

"This was proven as much by the most recent congress, in which we were publicly criticised for our negative views on same-sex marriage, our lack of support for Russian minorities’ rights for state-funded education in Russian language, as well as our defence of patriotism and not the global views," Tavars is quoted by LETA.

He added that the EGP has been dominated by aggressive neo-liberalism.

The Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union (LVŽS), the country's ruling party, decided in September not to join the EGP due to differences on LGBT+ issues.

“We spoke that the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens cannot join the European Green Party. [Our] attitude to family is completely different, as we support the traditional family, and statements that come from the European Green Party we find completely unacceptable,” the party's leader Ramūnas Karbauskis told journalists on September 6,

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