2019.11.05 15:00

Surviving November blues

LRT TV, 2019.11.05 15:00

This November may be warmer than usual, according to climatologist Audronė Galvonaitė, but autumn melancholia will strike nonetheless.

November is the month when autumn transitions into pre-winter, Galvonaitė tells LRT TV. It is a particularly unpleasant period when days are getting noticeably shorter and darkness seems to last forever.

“It's a rainy, windy and volatile month,” the climatologist says. “It is for good reason that they say November to be a grandchild of September, a son of October and a brother of December. All these months resemble and can influence November: there might be spells of sun, heavy clouds, black ice or even snow. Novembers usually have all of these.”

A dearth of daylight and dreary weather often leads to autumn melancholia, she warns.

“People have to pull themselves out of it, though usually they lie on the couch and feel sorry for themselves. One has to go for walks and be in the light as much as possible,” Galvonaitė says. “Melancholia will not stay away, because the days are getting shorter. People are drowsy, like flies, and don't want anything.”

However, weather-wise, Novembers of the last few years have been quite unusual, she notes.

“One barely notices it go past and the weather is not even that dreadful. Perhaps this November will be warmer than usual, but the average temperature for this month is only a few degrees above zero,” according to Galvonaitė.

In the coming week, the weather in Lithuania will be governed by two major factors: the warm Atlantic and the rapidly cooling continent.

“There are many cyclones in the west which bring irritating rains. November rains are quite unlike the quick torrents of summer. It may be drizzling all day, devolving into fog at times, so in the coming days and throughout November, don't leave your umbrellas, hats or good shoes at home,” Galvonaitė warns.