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Denmark removes final obstacle for Nord Stream 2 2019.10.30 16:51

Nord Stream 2 was granted a permit on Wednesday to construct the pipeline in Danish waters, according to the company's press release. Denmark was the last country preventing the controversial pipeline linking Russia and Germany from completion.

"We are pleased to have obtained Denmark’s consent to construct the Nord Stream 2," said Samira Kiefer Andersson, a manager at the company.

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Preparatory works, such as the installation of concrete mattresses and rock placement for the crossing of existing infrastructure, and the subsequent pipelay, will start in the coming weeks, according to the press release.

The construction of the almost complete Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is led by the Russian gas giant Gazprom. The project is financed by German, Dutch, Austrian and French companies.

Critics say it will make it easier for Russia to apply political pressure on Europe, as well as deliver gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine and depriving Kyiv of billions in revenue.

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