2019.10.30 14:06

Private Vilnius school allowed to teach under English curriculum

BNS 2019.10.30 14:06

Lithuania's government on Wednesday allowed a Vilnius-based private British school to work under the English national education program.

Up until now, The British School of Vilnius has operated as an establishment of informal education.

In its proposal, the Ministry of Education said this non-state school would teach children from the age of five and “will increase the supply of international general education schools in Lithuania”.

“Worth noting that it's important for diplomats from other states, coming to work to Lithuania with their families, as well as other foreign citizens working in Lithuania temporarily,” the ministry told BNS.

Erika Vikniūtė, the head of the reception department at the school, told BNS that primary school students would be taught under the English national education system.

“We want to work under the English education program, and also incorporate Lithuanian-language classes upon arrangements with the Ministry of Education, and also incorporate many things related to Lithuania's history,” she said.

In her words, classes will be conducted in English, except for the Lithuanian and Spanish language classes, and all teachers have acquired their qualifications at British schools. Students will be taught the Lithuanian language under the curriculum approved in Lithuania.