2019.10.28 13:00

Lithuanian military buys 11,400 helmets for €2.3m

Jonas Kisielius, BNS 2019.10.28 13:00

Lithuanian military is buying up to 11,400 helmets for around 2.3 million euros, Sigitas Dzekunskas, director of the country's Defence Materiel Agency under the Ministry of Defence, told BNS.

The helmet-acquisition tender, called in March, saw bids from Spain, the UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Lithuania. The contract with Croatia's Sestan-Bush and Lithuania's Army Supply, acting under a joint activity agreement, was signed on October 18 for a period of three years.

The Lithuanian military will buy up to 11,400 helmets during the three-year contract, with the price of one helmet standing at 204 euros.

Last year, the Lithuanian military signed a one-year contract for helmet acquisiton with the same supplier, but it then bought 2,800 helmets at a price of 220 euros each.