2019.10.28 09:08

Lithuanian government's national security commission meeting over Alytus fire

BNS 2019.10.28 09:08

Lithuania's government is calling a meeting of its National Security Commission on Monday over the recent fire in the country's southern town of Alytus.

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis called the meeting to discuss the consequences of the fire and their elimination, the government's statement reads.

The meeting will be also attended by the ministers of the environment, agriculture and health and they will present the results of the carried out investigations related to the consequences of the fire, as well as recommendations for short-term and long-term measures to eliminate its consequences.

The fire at Ekologistika's tire storage facility in Alytus, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, broke out on October 16 and extinguishing work continued on for more than a week, until last Friday.

The level of air pollution in surrounding areas was very high several days after the fire, and eight people have turned to medics over health issues caused by air pollution.

Scientists say large quantities of poisonous substances were emitted during the fire and its health impact might be felt for several decades.

The Food and Veterinary Service said on Friday milk from the affected areas was contaminated and banned farmers from the affected areas to sell it or use for human and animal consumption.

An emergency situation is declared in the town of Alytus and its district.

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