2019.10.21 17:00

US tariffs affect 0.12 percent of Lithuania's American exports

Paulius Viluckas, BNS2019.10.21 17:00

The new US tariffs on European goods will only affect a tiny fraction of Lithuanian exports to America, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.

The tariff, which the US slapped on food and other goods from the European Union, worth 7.5 billion US dollars in total, will apply to some Lithuanian cheeses and certain pork products, but most cheeses will not be subject to the additional duty, according to the ministry.

“The majority of Lithuanian cheese products exported to the US is not on the list of goods subject to tariffs,” the ministry told BNS.

“The additional 25-percent customs tariff will apply to Lithuanian exports worth 1.8 million US dollars – some cheeses and some pork products. In total, about 0.12 percent of Lithuania's exports to the US will be affected,” it said.

The ministry gives no details as to which companies will be affected by the new policy.

According to figures from Enterprise Lithuania, the government's export promotion agency, Lithuania's dairy exports to the US totaled 9 million euros last year.

The tariffs took effect last Friday after last-minute talks between European officials and US trade representatives ended without agreement.

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