2019.10.18 14:30

TEDxKaunas 2019 sending ‘Message in a Bottle’

LRT.lt2019.10.18 14:30

Lithuania's second city Kaunas is hosting a TEDx conference for the third year in a row this Sunday. TEDxKaunas 2019 organisers say the title of year's event, ‘Message in a Bottle’, is a reflection of “what is going on in the world and within ourselves”.

The speakers at TEDxKaunas 2019 will cover everyday challenges faces by everyone: “technological advancements, human rights violations, pollution and global warming, hybrid and civil wars, accelerated pace of life and search for inner peace", according to a press release.

“Messages in glass bottles, throughout the ages, have been used [...] to study water currents, to send distress signals or as invitations to prospective pen pals. Nowadays, we apply the term ‘Message in a Bottle’ to medical containers used by emergency personnel, time capsules hidden deep in the earth, or radio signals broadcast into outer space. Whatever medium the sender chooses to use, one thing is certain - all ‘Messages in a Bottle’ carry big hope with them,” the organisers say.

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