2019.10.14 15:00

Poles in Lithuania backed opposition in Sejm elections

BNS 2019.10.14 15:00

Almost 1,000 Polish citizens cast their votes in Poland's general elections from Lithuania, according to the Polish Embassy in Vilnius. The majority of them backed opposition candidates.

On Sunday, voters elected representatives to both houses of the Polish parliament, the Sejm and the Senate.

Most Polish voters in Lithuania, 38.41 percent, backed the opposition Civic Coalition (KO) and 28.78 percent voted for the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS).

In Poland, PiS came ahead of the KO, with about 45 and 26 percent of the vote, respectively.

The Union of the Left received 19.02 percent of the vote in Vilnius and came in third both in Poland and Lithuania.

The remaining parties received less than 10 percent of votes.

Representatives to the upper house, Senate, are elected in single-member constituencies.

Among voters in Vilnius, the KO candidate Kazimierz Michal Ujazdowski received 56.11 percent of the vote, followed by Marek Rudnicki of PiS, with 30.71 percent. Cezary Pawel Kasprzak of the Citizens of Poland election committee was third with 13.18 percent.

In all, 841 Polish citizens voted in the Polish Sejm election in Lithuania and 827 voted in the Senate election. According to the Polish Embassy, voter turnover was at a record high.

In power since 2015, the Law and Justice party has claimed victory in the election.