2019.10.09 15:00

Controversial Russian rapper had residence permit in Lithuania

BNS2019.10.09 15:00

Famous Russian rapper Vasily Vakulenko-Basta, banned from travelling to Ukraine in 2017 after performing in Russia-occupied Crimea, had a residence permit in Lithuania, the news website reported on Wednesday.

The performer acquires a 50-percent stake in Autoklanas, a Lithuanian company, in 2015 and turned to the country's Migration Department for a residence permit. It had been valid until this year but was withdrawn in 2017 amid suspicions that Autklanas was not active.

Vakulenko attempted to appeal against the Migration Department's decision in court last year but Vilnius Regional Administrative Court ruled that the rapper abused migration procedures.

Non-EU nationals are sometimes establishing fictive companies or buying cheap, or even abandoned apartments, in Lithuania and applying for residency, which allows them travel in the EU.

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