2019.10.08 17:00

President offers ‘good relations’ to parties supporting his legislative initiatives

BNS 2019.10.08 17:00

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda will pay particular attention to who will support his initiatives during parliamentary debates on next year's budget, which may have an impact on his contacts with political parties after the next general election, his chief adviser said on Tuesday.

"A lot will come to light during the budget debates in which a considerable part of the president's initiatives will or will not materialise," Povilas Mačiulis told the Žinių Radijas radio when asked whose backing Nausėda will rely on to push his proposals through Seimas.

"If we can reach a good result when it comes to the ideas put forward by the president, I think certain contacts may be established, which may have, through good relations, a certain impact after the next Seimas election, too," he added.

According to the adviser, Nausėda currently talks to all parliamentary parties, and he does not seek to tie himself to one or several political forces.

"He'll definitely not seek to commit himself to a political party; his key support comes from people. If it remains high, the president does not need any affiliation with one or several political parties," the adviser said.

He admitted, however, that the president needs support in the parliament to push through his bills.

Mačiulis also said that Nausėda does not participate in the creation of any new political force, but he encourages all people to engage in politics.

Nausėda predecessor, Dalia Grybauskaitė, was oft embroiled in bitter confrontation with the ruling party, and had on several occasions berated the work of the Lithuanian parliament.

Lithuania will hold the next parliamentary election in October 2020.