2019.10.08 13:00

Lithuanian MP suggests environment education instead of fines for litterers

BNS, 2019.10.08 13:00

Instead of paying higher fines, litterers and individual polluters should take an educational course on environment protection, a Lithuanian parliament member believes.

Conservative MP Mykolas Majauskas has drafted an amendment that, if passed, would come into force next July.

“The current measures – fines and warnings – do not have any effects on offenders,” Majauskas has told BNS.

He says that the number of environment law violations has increased dramatically over the last few years.

In Vilnius, the reported violations of municipal littering rules rose from 145 cases in 2017 to 400 last year and 645 this year. In the entire country, the numbers were 744, 866 and 1,706 respectively. The fines for these violations range from 20 to 140 euros.

Majauskas believes that one of the reasons behind the rise is that people have become more “civic-minded” and “expect others to pay more attention to the environment and officials to take violations more seriously”.

Instead of imposing bigger fines, the police, environmental protection bodies and courts could force violators to sit a course and be educated about the environment, Majauskas believes.

The course could be organised by the Environmental Protection Department in cooperation with local authorities, he says.