2019.10.04 10:30

All but one EP group back Lithuanian EC candidate, sources say

Erika Alonderytė, BNS2019.10.04 10:30

Coordinators from all of the European Parliament's political groups, except the eurosceptic Identity and Democracy Group, support Lithuania's commissioner-designate Virginijus Sinkevičius, BNS sources in the EP have said.

Coordinators of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, and the Fisheries Committee held a meeting on Thursday evening to evaluate Sinkevičius' performance at the hearing earlier in the day.

Within 24 hours after completing the evaluation, they are to send a confidential letter of recommendation to the Conference of Committee Chairs, stating whether the candidate is suitable for the job.

Sinkevičius said he had received considerable support after Thursday's confirmation hearing.

“There is no approved official result yet, let's wait for it, but I'm glad that many parliamentarians came up to congratulate me after [the hearing]; it was very nice,” he told reporters in Brussels.

MEPs questioned Sinkevičius about issues falling within the proposed environment and oceans portfolio during the hearing which lasted about two and a half hours.

Most of the MEPs who publicly expressed their opinion, particularly those from the European People's Party, the biggest group in the EP, said that he performed well.

The final evaluation is to be made on October 17. The EP is scheduled to vote on the full Commission in a plenary session in Strasbourg on September 23.

If approved, Sinkevičius, 28, will become the youngest ever European commissioner.

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