2019.10.03 11:00

Lithuanian author awarded EU Prize for Literature 2019.10.03 11:00

The Lithuanian author Daina Opolskaitė is among the 14 young European writers awarded the 11th European Union Prize for Literature.

Opolskaitė received the prize in Brussels on Wednesday for her collection of short stories ‘Dienų Piramidės’ (‘Pyramids of Days’).

The EU Prize for Literature is awarded to young writers who have published no fewer than two and no more than four books of prose for adults.

Opolskaitė, 40, works as a high school teacher in the town of Vilkaviškis. In 2000 she received the Lithuanian Writers' Union prize for her first book (‘Drožlės’) and was awarded for her short stories in 2018. In 2017, her novel ‘Ir vienąkart, Riči’ became the book of the year in Lithuania.

Three more Lithuanian authors, all women, have been awarded the EU Prize for Literature: Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė, Giedra Radvilavičiūtė and Undinė Radzevičiūtė.

You can read an extract from Opolskaitė's book here.