2019.10.02 09:28

Baltic MPs boycott Council of Europe's celebrations in protest of Russia's readmittance

BNS2019.10.02 09:28

Baltic, Ukrainian and Georgian parliamentarians have said they will not attend celebrations of the Council of Europe's 70th anniversary in protest of Russia's return to the organization's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE).

Parliament members of the five countries announced on Tuesday they were setting up the Baltic Plus group to further coordinate their positions.

“Our first joint action is our refusal to attend the official celebration in honour of the 70th Anniversary of the Council of Europe, protesting against the surrender of the Council of Europe values to the disrespectful demands and financial sabotage by the Russian Federation,” the heads of the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Georgian and Ukrainian delegations said in a joint statement.

In June, PACE voted in favour of restoring Russia's voting rights which had been restricted in the wake of Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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