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Lithuanian cabinet holds closed meeting on Belarusian investment in Klaipėda port

BNS 2019.10.01 10:07

The Lithuanian government discussed, at a closed meeting on Monday, investments by Belarus' fertilizer manufacturer Belaruskali and Igor Udovickij, a local businessman, in two cargo-handling companies in the seaport of Klaipėda. 

Tomas Beržinskas, the prime minister's spokesman, confirmed to BNS that the Cabinet took a decision on plans by Birių Krovinių Terminalas (Bulk Cargo Terminal, or BKT) to buy shares in Nemuno Terminalas, but gave no details due to confidentiality reasons.

The issue was earlier discussed by a special governmental commission vetting deals by strategic companies.

Alminas Mačiulis, the government's vice chancellor who chairs the commission, declined to comment on the Cabinet's decision.

"It is confidential; I cannot comment. BKT (will be provided) with the relevant necessary information; they will receive everything," he told BNS on Monday.

Udovickij is the majority shareholder of both BKT and Nemuno Terminalas. The two companies are located next to each other in the port.

Based on data from the Center of Registers, Udovickij holds a 70 percent stake in BKT and Belaruskali owns the remaining 30 percent of shares.

Nemuno Terminalas is 100 percent owned by Udovickij and Olga Udovickaja via Ferteksos Transportas.

The two companies did not respond to requests by BNS to comment on the planned deal.

The issue was not on the government's publicly available agenda. According to Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis' schedule, he was to chair a Cabinet meeting at 10:00.

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