2019.09.30 17:44

No EU agreement on migrant distribution yet, Lithuania awaits more discussions 2019.09.30 17:44

A new solidarity mechanism for migrant redistribution hasn’t been agreed on yet, European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos told the Italian newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’.

“Good progress has been made [towards] fixed and structural agreements based on the work done by the Commission,” he said.

However, no final agreement has been reached yet.

“The objective is to prepare a document [for] the next meeting of EU interior ministers” in Luxembourg on October 8, according to Avramopoulos.

The draft deal signed by Germany, France, Italy and Malta in Valetta earlier in September aims to break the deadlocked negotiations among EU states following each migrant rescue at sea. Under the new deal, participating EU states would allow migrants to apply for asylum on their territory, taking the pressure off Italy and Malta.

LRT English previously reported that Lithuania, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Croatia and Ireland were named as nations to potentially join the new solidarity mechanism following an informal meeting of foreign and interior ministers in Paris on June 15, according to AFP.

However, the Lithuanian Interior and Foreign Ministries said that nothing had been decided, pending the October 8 meeting.

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