2019.09.26 16:00

Lithuania presents digital innovation projects to the EU 2019.09.26 16:00

Lithuanian Economy Vice-Minister Gintaras Vilda is presenting Lithuania’s key innovations at the European Research and Innovation Days in Brussels, according to the ministry's press release.

“In the area of science and innovation, Lithuania has [something] to show to Europe,” said Vilda. “Sciences, information technology and engineering [sectors] are among the fastest growing and most advanced in the region.”

“The laser industry, innovative start-ups, financial and digital companies also increase the visibility of Lithuania in Europe,” he added. “This shows that we can gain experience from the EU and also share good practices in launching and implementing innovation policies.”

Lithuania has recently launched a GovTech Lab that allows startups to test their technology within the public sector.

Examples of projects under GovTech include smart city technologies, from transport apps to citizen involvement in the decision-making process, and a doctor’s x-ray image description technology based on artificial intelligence.

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Vice-Minister Vilda will share best practice in the innovation reform, carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. He will also present the GovTech initiative, and will talk about the legal regulation needed to promote innovation.

The event in Brussels brings together top-level policy makers as well as business and science professionals. The participants will also discuss the European Commission’s initiative to set up a European Innovation Council Forum, which will consist of public authorities’ representatives from the EU member states.

During his visit to Brussels, Vice-Minister Vilda will meet with Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, to discuss trends and priorities in innovation policy, and Pierre Delsaux, Deputy Director-General of DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, at the European Commission.

The European Research and Innovation Days also hosts the ‘Innovative Europe Hub for matchmaking between innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and researchers.