2019.09.24 16:30

Two more Lithuanian judges lose jobs over corruption probe

Jūratė Skėrytė, BNS 2019.09.24 16:30

The Lithuanian parliament on Tuesday sacked Judge Egidijus Laužikas from the Supreme Court and approved the dismissal of Judge Valdimaras Bavėjanas from the Court of Appeals for discrediting the profession. 

Both judges are suspected in a large-scale judicial corruption probe.

The resolution to remove Laužikas from office was passed in a secret ballot with 49 votes in favour, seven against and nine abstentions.

The resolution on Bavėjanas was adopted with 53 votes in favour, three against, and eight abstentions.

Both judges were already suspended from duty.

MP Vytautas Bakas said the move to dismiss the judges, rather than initiate impeachment procedures against them, run counter to the Constitution.

Under the Constitution, Supreme Court judges are appointed and dismissed by the Lithuanian parliament, Seimas. Court of Appeals judges are appointed and dismissed by the president, subject to the parliament's approval.

A total of 48 people are suspected of various corruption crimes in the high-profile probe.

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