2019.09.24 14:59

Vilnius unveils partisan bunker monument mock-up – photos

LRT.lt2019.09.24 14:59

Vilnius has on Tuesday unveiled the ‘Freedom Hill’ mock-up to evaluate public opinion, according to the city council press release.

The project author, Andrius Labašauskas, said the goal was to create a monument for Lithuania’s fights for freedom that does not indicate specific dates, names, or events.

“Our country's history is a constant fight for survival, freedom, independence, and to pick out a single period or heroes would be unfair to the others,” he said.

I want that the viewer can pick his own [...] relation with the memorial," he added, “and since it’s a monument for those who fought for freedom, therefore the connection [with the audience] should also be free”.

The other side of the moment will invite to celebrate freedom, he said. “Children running on grass atop the hill [and] free citizens of an independent nation is the most beautiful monument to freedom.”

“That freedom which will take place above the hill will embody the result of the fights for liberty.”

‘Freedom Hill’ by Andrius Labašauskas won the government-initiated public competition by Culture Ministry and Contemproary Art Center.

However, many have rallied against the decision, calling instead to build a statue for Vytautas, the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15th century.

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