2019.09.23 12:56

Poll shows growing public trust in Lithuanian presidential institution

Paulius Viluckas2019.09.23 12:56

The Lithuanian public's trust in the presidential institution is on the rise, according to a Vilmorus poll published by the daily Lietuvos Rytas on Saturday. 

Some 67 percent of respondents said earlier this month they trusted the presidential institution, up from 63.5 percent in July. This took the presidential institution to the number two position in the poll.

Firefighters continued to top the ranking with 90.4 percent public trust, up from 89.3 percent in July.

Police fell to third place with 65.9 percent, followed by the Armed Forces in fourth position with 60.2 percent and the state social insurance fund board Sodra in fifth with 50.8 percent.

Political parties and the Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, are the least trusted institutions in Lithuania, with 61 percent and 50 percent of those polled this month saying they had no trust in these institutions, respectively.

Some 32.3 percent of respondents said they had no trust in the courts and 27 percent said they distrusted the government.

Vilmorus polled 1,021 people between September 6 and 14.

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