2019.09.23 09:52

On day of Vilnius Ghetto liquidation, Lithuania marks national Holocaust remembrance day

Jūratė Skėrytė, BNS2019.09.23 09:52

To mark the Day of Remembrance for Jewish Victims of Genocide in Lithuania on Monday, the traditional March of the Living will take place in Paneriai, a suburb of Vilnius where tens of thousands of Jews were executed. The names of the victims will also be read out at the Choral Synagogue in Vilnius.

The March of the Living from the Paneriai railway station to the Paneriai Memorial will take place in the afternoon, followed by a commemoration ceremony; a different ceremony will also take place in the capital's Rūdininkų Square.

An international commission investigating Nazi and Soviet crimes in Lithuania is launching an initiative for students and teacher to retrace the memory of Jewish communnities destroyed during the Holocaust.

"In more than 200 places of Lithuania, students walk from town centers there Jews use to live to the mass killing sites, retracing the path of the victims killed during the Holocaust," the commission said in a press release.

On Sunday, the courtyard of the former Vilnius Ghetto Library was opened to visitors, with plans to establish a Holocaust museum and a Vilnius Ghetto memorial in the former library building in the next few years, the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum said.

Lithuania has been marking the the Day of Remembrance for Jewish Victims of Genocide since 1994 to commemorate the liquidation of the Vilnius ghetto on September 23, 1943.

Over 90 percent of Lithuanian Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

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