2019.09.20 13:00

Lithuanian customs detain €2m cigarette-contraband from Russia

BNS2019.09.20 13:00

Lithuanian customs have on Thursday detained a shipment of smuggled cigarettes worth almost 2 million euros in Kybartai on the Russian border.

A Renault truck driven by a Russian citizen was stopped after entering Lithuania from Russia's Kaliningrad. The driver claimed to be taking a shipment of plastic granules for a company in Kaunas, but after opening the trailer, customs officials found cigarette-boxes in plain sight with no attempts to conceal them.

In total, 653,000 packs of Russian New Line NL cigarettes were found inside.

The driver was detained for two days, and an investigation was launched.

Proportion of all smuggled cigarettes detained on the Lithuanian-Russian border rose from 1 percent in 2017, to 11 percent last year, and 40 percent in 2019 so far, according to the Lithuanian Customs.