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Estonia launches language classes on its trains to Russian-minority region 2019.09.13 16:23

Estonian language lessons will take place on 'language trains' between Tallinn and Narva to mark Estonian Language Learning Week later this month, ERR News reports.

The lessons will take place on September 24-26 on the Tallinn-Narva-Tallinn passenger service, and the sessions will be run by the Estonian Language House at the Integration Foundation.

According to the 2011 census, 95.7% of the population in Narva are native Russian speakers.

Director of the Estonian Language House, Margarita Källo, said that trains are an excellent alternative to the classroom.

"At the start of the language trains there is free Estonian language training in a special section of the carriage where everyone is welcome."

The Estonian language train is being funded by the Ministry of Education and Research, the Integration Foundation, and the national rail operator, Elron.

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research has declared 2019 the Year of the Estonian Language.

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