2019.09.10 13:29

Lithuanian Sinkevičius proposed as EU commissioner for environment 2019.09.10 13:29

Would-be European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has proposed that Lithuania's Economy Minister Virginijus Sinkevičius be an EU commissioner in charge of environment and oceans.

Von der Leyen presented the composition of the next European Commission on Tuesday.

“He is 28 years old and he shows that Europe is ready to hand responsibility over to younger generation. He will be responsible for our environment and oceans,” the EC president said when introducing Sinkevičius.

Following the announcement, Sinkevičius told that the environment portfolio demanded great responsibility and professionalism.

“We have yet to pick our priorities, but I have no doubt they will include circular economy, pollution of seas and oceans, limiting plastic use and similar things,” he said.

Sinkevičius added that he had the skills necessary for the job: “Management skills, dialogue with directorates, implementing priorities, work with the European Parliament will be of utmost importance.”

The new Commission, which will start work on November 1, still needs to be endorsed by the European Parliament.

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