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News2019.09.09 16:08

Lithuanian and Polish MPs call for common historical narrative

Polish and Lithuanian MPs have called for the creation of a common history narrative during the first interparliamentary assembly held after a ten-year hiatus. Lithuanian MP Arūnas Gumuliauskas says that the Kremlin uses disagreements between Warsaw and Vilnius over historical memory in its disinformation campaigns.

"Politicians shouldn't get involved in the formation of the historical narrative," said Gumuliauskas, "but should promote close and purposeful cooperation of historians of their countries in pursuit of common goals."

Speaking during the Lithuanian-Polish interparliamentary assembly that focused on historical memory, Gumuliauskas said that "when you open the door of reconciliation, calm and light spaces open up".

A common history, "without strangulation and killings," the Lithuanian MP added.

The Lithuanian-Polish interparliamentary assembly has recently resumed its work after a ten-year break.

Malgorzata Gosiewska, a deputy marshal of the Polish Sejm, expressed her delight over the possibility to speak about disagreements and problems amid a thaw in bilateral relations, calling for "the creation of a common history".

Meanwhile, Polish MP Tadeusz Aziewicz said that both countries shared historical pride over military successes against Russia.

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