2019.09.05 16:23

Lithuanian and US troops scout Baltic coastline after landing difficulties during BALTOPS

BNS, 2019.09.05 16:23

Lithuanian Navy and US troops are exploring the Baltic coastline after encountering difficulties with shallow waters during the BALTOPS naval drills earlier in the summer.

"That is being done for us to feel full masters of our waters," Ramūnas Kažerskas from the Lithuanian Navy told BNS.

During BALTOPS 2019 naval drills earlier in the summer, US and Spanish commanders complained about the shallow and largely unmarked coastline, which slowed down amphibious landing operations.

A Lithuanian Navy boat with a crew and special seabed exploration equipment will be sailing close to the beaches in Kunigiškės, Nemirseta and Melnragė. Groups of Lithuanian and US troops will perform coastal observation work, and the collected information will be handed over to the military.

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Some amphibious landing operations during BALTOP 2019 took place in the same Nemirseta beach, which is also where a Polish landing ship reportedly ran aground.

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