2019.08.27 12:00

Czech fairground owner suspected of forced labour and human trafficking in Lithuania

Owner of a fairground operating in Lithuania's Palanga is suspected of human trafficking and forced labour, and is accused of exploiting his fellow nationals.

Born in 1984, the Czech fairground owner was detained on Saturday after police received information and launched a pre-trial investigation into human trafficking and forced labour.

Based on law enforcement evidence, the detained man might have intimidated three fellow nationals, beat them and took their passports. The complaint states that the men servicing the fairground are locked for the night and live in anti-sanitary conditions.

The Police Department said one of the employees has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

Andromeda Grauslienė, spokeswoman for Klaipeda County Police, told BNS the man's whereabouts have not been identified yet, although, besides other lines of enquiry, he's suspected of having returned to the Czech Republic.