2019.08.26 16:00

Financial Times ranked Vilnius in top 10 capitals for fintech

LRT.lt2019.08.26 16:00

Financtial Times’ fDi magazine has ranked Vilnius in the top 10 “Fintech Location of the Future for 2019/20”.

Despite Brexit uncertainty, London ranked first overall, followed by Belfast and New York. Vilnius came out second in the ‘cost effectiveness’ category, outranked by Sofia, Bulgaria, and was ranked seventh for its ability to attract foreign investment into its fintech sector.

According to the rankings, Vilnius’ promotion agency, Go VIlnius, “helps strengthen growth in the Lithuanian capital's fintech sector by regularly contacting businesses for feedback on potential areas for improvement, offering direct support and co-operating with educational institutions to ensure a sufficient supply of labour for the industry in the future”.

“In 2019, the government revised its 2017 fintech action plan, adding measures to improve the legal environment, the management of related risks and increase demand for fintech products and services.”

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