2019.08.18 12:01

Euthanasia Coaster author builds ‘suit-friendly’ playground ride for businessmen

LRT TV naujienų tarnyba, LRT.lt2019.08.18 12:01

Corporate businesspeople should not be prevented from enjoying a ride on a playground slide just because they fear tearing their 10,000-euro suits, the Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas is convinced. His new project, an interactive piece for a business centre in Vilnius, will challenge them to do just that.

“You go up and you slide down, that's it,” Urbonas explains how the piece works.

The sculpture he is building reminds of a high-tech playground slide, a “corporate choreographic device” which is also “business suit-friendly," he says.

“If you slide down and tear your 10,000-euro suit, no one else would want to do it,” Urbonas explains.

Over the last decade, the artist has been exploring the effects of gravitation on human body. For one of his earlier projects, Euthanasia Coaster (2010), Urbonas designed a roller coaster that could hypothetically induce euphoric death using only centrifugal force.

While that ride was not meant to be built and tested, the new 12-metre long and 4-metre height “suit-friendly” slide was commissioned for a new business centre on Dainavos Street in Vilnius and should be opened by the end of August.

The piece does not have a title, Urbonas says, because it should not be contemplated and experienced only with one's eyes, but also enjoyed with one's buttocks.

It is a game. “You don't have to think deeply, to read a text – it dictates what to do,” he tells LRT TV.

You see it, you climb the structure and gravitation does the rest – it is meant to force corporate types to dance.

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