2019.08.13 15:00

President Nausėda suggests cutting the number of ministries

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda says he supports the idea to merge the Economy and Innovation Ministry and the Energy Ministry. Moreover, he thinks that two more, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and the Ministry of Health, could be combined into one in the future.

The president also said he would back the relocation of the Agriculture Ministry to Kaunas, a controversial initiative by the current ruling majority, if it were “the best solution for Lithuania”.

Nausėda noted that “these decisions will be made anyway” soon.

“Our sole aim and request was to do a cost analysis and answer the question of whether or not it is the best solution for Lithuania today,” he added.

Andrius Palionis, who is set to take over as agriculture minister from Giedrius Surplys, does not support the latter's initiative of moving the ministry from Vilnius to Kaunas.

The president also thinks that certain ministries could be merged.

“That's an option worth considering, too,” he said.

“There are so many ministers that sometimes you just can't remember the names of all the ministries,” he said.

Fourteen ministries make up the Lithuanian government.

“But, to speak seriously, it would be possible to achieve synergy both by combining the Economy and Innovation Ministry with the Energy Ministry and by considering, for example, merging the Social Security and Labour Ministry with the Health Ministry.”