2019.08.09 09:00

President Smetona's golden feather on display in Vilnius – photos 2019.08.09 09:00

A golden feather that belonged to Lithuania's interwar President Antanas Smetona has been brought to Vilnius and will be on display at the Signatories House museum.

The piece was a gift from intellectuals of the town of Ukmergė to President Smetona for his name day in 1933.

The golden feather was made by a jeweler in Kaunas, Aranovičius, and has an inscribed dedication “to a quill worker”. Before becoming president, Smetona was an active writer for Lithuanian-language press.

President Smetona came into power after a coup in 1926 and headed Lithuania's authoritarian government until the Soviet occupation in 1940.

He took the golden feather with him when he fled to the United States. After his death, it was kept at the American Lithuanian Culture Archive in Connecticut and was brought back to Lithuania this year.

Smetona's golden feather will be displayed in the Signatories House museum. In this building, the 20-member Council of Lithuania, which included Smetona, signed the document declaring the country's independence in 1918.

The Act of Independence of Lithuania is on display in the same room.