2019.08.10 12:00

Latvian team wins machine translation contest for English-Lithuanian languages

LSM, 2019.08.10 12:00

For the third consecutive year, the Latvia-based language technology company Tilde has won the so-called Olympics of the machine translation technology – the WMT 2019 competition in Florence, Italy.

According to the Latvian public broadcaster, LSM, this year Tilde's team participated with its machine translation technology for the English-Lithuanian language pair, outperforming online translation platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and others.

Reassuringly for those of us worried about an imminent takeover by intelligent robots, the work submitted by a professional human translator was rated with 90.5 points. In this competition,

The WMT competition has already been taking place for 13 years, and the competing teams include large tech companies, research centers, and universities from all around the globe. Since 2017 the competition has included tasks in the Baltic region's languages.

Last year, Tilde won the WMT competition with the Estonian-English machine translation tool, and in 2017 – was announced as the best in the Latvian-English language pair translation task. Tilde has been providing the presidency of the Council of the EU with its customized machine translation tool

According to the English-Lithuanian test results, the system developed by Tilde team received 72.8 out of 100 points, while the Microsoft team scored only 69.1.

According to Microsoft, the science and technologies behind machine translating are extremely complex and bring together several leading-edge technologies, in particular, deep learning (artificial intelligence), big data, linguistics, cloud computing, and web APIs.