2019.08.06 12:00

Iconic Lithuanian film screened in Vilnius and diaspora centers abroad – photos 2019.08.06 12:00

Lithuanian Cinema Night on Monday drew hundreds of people to the open-air screening of the famous 1978 film, Riesutu Duona (Walnut Bread).

Screening of the the film by Arūnas Žebriūnas – considered an icon of the Lithuanian cinema – took place simultaneously across multiple cities in Lithuania, as well as locations in Australia, Greece, and the US.

“It’s a bit like a Lithuanian rendition of Romeo and Juliet, which is interesting to watch 40 years later, and will be interesting 80 years later,” said Andrė Balžekienė, director of the cinema Pasaka.

According to her, Lithuanians across the world are drawn together by “sport games, so I thought, why couldn’t it be Lithuanian cinema that we would watch at the same time”. photographer Edvard Blaževič was in Vilnius Cathedral Square to capture the event.