2019.08.06 11:00

Trust in EU higher in Lithuania than any other country in Europe

Emerging Europe 2019.08.06 11:00

Levels of trust in the European Union is higher in Lithuania than in any other country in Europe, a new report from Eurobarometer has found.

More than 72 percent of Lithuanians trust the EU, well above Denmark in second place, with 68 percent. Trust among Estonians and Latvians stood at 60 and 51 percent respectively.

The Eurobarometer survey, which measures public opinion in the EU, was carried out just after the European elections that took place across the EU between May 23-26, and which saw an eight percent increase in turnout since 2014, reaching 50.8 percent.

Lithuania also recorded the highest percentage of people believing that the current state of the European economy was good (77 percent).

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