2019.08.05 15:00

Lithuania plans reburial ceremony for 1863 uprising leaders in November

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS 2019.08.05 15:00

Lithuania is planning a solemn ceremony to rebury the recently discovered remains from the 1863 uprising against the Russian Empire, with a guest list that includes the Polish president and representatives of Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia.

The Lithuanian government's Vice Chancellor Deividas Matulionis says the exact date will depend on the progress of the ongoing work at the chapel at Rasos Cemetery where the remains are to be laid to rest.

“If we see that everything goes according to the plan, we will set the date in late October or early November, and then we will start preparing for the ceremony after coordinating with the Polish side,” Matulionis told BNS.

He said that an invitation to attend the ceremony was handed to Polish President Andrzej Duda when the Lithuanian president visited Warsaw in July.

A Belarusian government delegation has also been invited, but it's not clear yet whether it will include the country's Prime Minister Sergey Rumas.

“Speaking of other countries, we will invite them to participate, but at a lower level. Namely, Latvia and Ukraine,” the government vice chancellor said.

Earlier this year, scientists finally concluded that Zigmantas Sierakauskas (or Zygmunt Sierakowski) and Kostas Kalinauskas (or Konstanty Kalinowski), the leaders of the 1863–1864 uprising, were indeed among the remains recently unearthed during excavation works at the Gediminas Hill in Vilnius.

Also known as the January Uprising, it was an insurrection principally in Russia′s Kingdom of Poland aimed at the restoration of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It began on 22 January 1863 and continued until the last insurgents were captured by the Russian forces in 1864.

In all, archeologists managed to find 20 out of 21 participants of the uprising. Their names will be spelled in Lithuania, Polish and Belarusian.