2019.08.02 17:34

Border guards rescue a lynx cub near Belarusian border

Photos 2019.08.02 17:34

A resident from the southern Lithuanian town, Druskininkai, was assaulted by a lynx cub who gnawed at his trousers and shoes to no avail. Noticing the uncommon behaviour, he informed the Dzūkija National Park director, who then liaison with the border guards to rescue the starving lynx.

“We usually don’t take younglings from the wild,” said Mindaugas Lapelė, head of the biodiversity department at the national park in Druskininkai, near the Belarusian border.

But this time, the cub’s unusual behaviour, depleted weight, and injury near the eye made them take action. Animal shelter association took the lynx to a welfare center in Kaunas.

“The border guards stopped and the lynx immediately bit the shoe, tried to climb up the trousers,” said Lapelė.

Whether the animal will return to Lithuanian forests will depend on its condition, and before then, it will be released into a family of lynxes at a zoo.

“Maybe someone fed it once, and that’s why it approached people now,” said Lapelė. “But it’s not like it’s some sort of a kitten.”

Lynx are a protected species in Lithuania