2019.08.02 12:27

Chapel atop Soviet-built airstrip marks Jesus and Virgin Mary sightings

LRT RADIJAS, 2019.08.02 12:27

In central Lithuanian woodlands, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary first appeared to a Lithuanian citizen in 1969. Catching wind of the alleged miracle, people started flooding in buses to see their illnesses healed. Soon, however, the Soviet authorities got the word of it and built an airstrip on top.

After independence and the Soviets gone, a chapel was built exactly where the sighting was first reported – bang in the middle of the Soviet-built airstrip.

Speaking on LRT RADIO, Virginija Lapinskienė recalled the story of how Anelė Matijošaitiene, whom she knew personally, saw Jesus Christ himself on November 14, 1969, followed by the Virgin May ten days later.

The Virgin Mary uttered “first here came my son, now I come as well" to Matijošaitienė who lived nearby, and following these ominous words, god-fearing people from the area started flooding her house to pray and light candles.

“Jesus confirmed [the sighting] with miracles – people with illnesses came to pray, and got better,” said Lapinskienė.

Each healed person marked their stories in a book, with several of them eventually being filled up, according to Lapinskienė.

Soon, however, the Soviet secret services got a word of the phenomenon and began dispersing the people arriving by the busloads, said Lapinskienė.

Then, they ordered the area to be built up. The woman was moved out, and the place destroyed, and all the surrounding trees uprooted – some say, she was forced into psychiatric hospital. An airstrip was built to be used by cropdusters in Šakiai region, central Lithuania.

After independence, the land was returned to their owners and a small house was built for Matijošaitienė. She then proceeded to build a chapel in exactly the same spot where she says the sighting of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary happened.

To this day, the Dievo Gailestingumo (God’s Forgiveness) chapel hosts mass service, while Matišaitė was subsequently buried next to the chapel after when she passed away.