2019.07.31 15:00

Almost half of Lithuanians couldn't afford vacation away from home – Eurostat 2019.07.31 15:00

Almost half of people in Lithuania do not have enough resources to afford a week-long vacation away from home, according to Eurostat data, significantly more than in neighbouring Latvia or Estonia.

Last year, 40.7 percent of people in Lithuania could not afford to spend a week away from home, 32.8 percent in Latvia, and 26.9 percent in Estonia.

Throughout the European Union, the share was 28.3 percent among people over the age of 16, the EU's statistics office reports.

The biggest proportion was in Romania, 58.9 percent, Croatia, 51.3 percent, and Greece, 51 percent.

In Sweden, only 9.7 percent of people wouldn't afford at least a week-long stay away from home, followed by Luxembourg, 10.9 percent, and Denmark, 12.2 percent.

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