2019.07.24 09:00

Vilnius Airport to open planespotting site for 'aviation lovers'

LRT.lt2019.07.24 09:00

A public plane spotting site will be erected near Vilnius Airport this year, according to a press release.

“Aviation amateur [plane-spotting] ranks are expanding rapidly not only globally but also in Lithuania,” says Dainius Čiuplys, head of Vilnius Airport.

A convenient location for the site, which is raised above the ground and will also be accessible to the disabled, is planned to be set up next to the Salininkai Gardens, right behind the fence of Vilnius Airport, where everyone can enter.

Next to this plane spotting site, the Vilnius City Municipality will also set up a children's playground.

“We are delighted that Vilnius Airport does not just raise airplanes but also the dreams of aviation lovers,” said Vytautas Mitalas, vice-mayor of Vilnius City Municipality.

According to the press release, the global plane-spotting phenomenon has long attracted not only aspiring people looking for extraordinary views and observing planes without a purpose, but also professional aviation enthusiasts or photographers.

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