2019.07.22 15:52

Around 7,000 Lithuanians sanctioned for avoiding military service, BNS2019.07.22 15:52

Almost 7,000 men have been sanctioned so far this year in Lithuania for dodging conscription, many of them Lithuanian migrants residing in other countries.

The measures taken against men who failed to report for military service ranged from warnings to fines of up to €300.

The Ministry of National Defence says the number is growing every year, although it cannot specify how many of them are purposefully trying to dodge military service and how many simply forgot to report.

In previous years, the majority of the sanctioned men were Lithuanians residing outside the country but still subject to military duty which was made compulsory in 2015.

About 31,000 young men aged between 18 and 26 have been included into draft lists this year. Up to 4,000 will be called for military service.

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