2019.07.19 11:00

LRT investigation prompts public-housing law changes in Seimas

BNS 2019.07.19 11:00

Members of the Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, have registered law amendments to ban the subletting of public housing in response to a recent LRT investigation.

The initiative follows LRT investigation, which revealed that in Neringa municipality, politicians are subletting public housing to tourists, despite the acute social-housing shortage in the area.

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Mayor of Neringa Darius Jasaitis, also a social democrat, came under criticism from his own party members, while five of his party members were involved in the subletting controversy.

Currently, municipality-owned housing includes both social and public housing, and the latter can be rented out to its employees.

According to lawmakers, there are currently 28 families in Neringa municipality in Lithuania’s prime coastal area awaiting social housing.