2019.07.17 13:00

Nausėda on Ursula von der Leyen's appointment: narrow margin gives Lithuania strong negotiating position

LRT.lt2019.07.17 13:00

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen was confirmed as the president of the European Commission on Tuesday night in the European Parliament. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda has welcomed the vote.

Von der Leyen was confirmed by a close vote of 383 to 327, following fraught negotiations earlier this month among EU country leaders.

Here is what Lithuanian President Nausėda commented about the election:

If I can put it lightly, she [Ursula von der Leyen] won by a margin which is about the number of Lithuanian MEPs. So our negotiating position for a Commission portfolio is very strong. But seriously, I said before the election that she was a good candidate for Lithuania, a person who is familiar with the situation in the region, who has a position regarding Russia, regarding the priority of defence policy. Therefore I think that the election showed that we've avoided an institutional crisis, that decisions are not being pushed back to unforeseeable future and that soon enough we'll be able to sit down over more serious issues of the Commission portfolios, the 2021-2027 financial perspective and others.

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