2019.07.15 17:00

Drought in Lithuania ends, but river levels remain low

BNS2019.07.15 17:00

Lithuania's Hydrometeorological Service has lifted the state of a national drought in the country on Monday after it was declared in early July.

According to the country's Environment Ministry, the situation in the country's rivers has improved slightly from the start of this month, with the best situation reported in western Lithuanian rivers. Elsewhere, however, waters levels remain very low.

"The worst situation is in rivers in eastern Lithuania, especially in the River Neris," the statement said.

A hydrological drought is declared when water levels are lower in more than half of the monitoring stations. Currently, lower water levels are now recorded in 18 measuring stations, Juozas Šimkus of the Hydrometeorological Service told BNS.

Weather forecasters say rain over the upcoming few days is not expected to improve the situation considerably.

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