2019.07.11 13:00

Vilnius’ National Art Gallery marks anniversary, opens ‘sweet future sweat’ exhibition – photos

Monika Petrulienė, LRT TV naujienų tarnyba, LRT.lt2019.07.11 13:00

The National Art Gallery in Vilnius, established in a former Soviet revolution museum building, has marked the ten-year anniversary and launched the ‘sweet future sweat’ exhibition.

‘Sweet future sweat’ in the main hall of the gallery explores how the artists saw the future ten, twenty and fourty years ago. The narrative thread leads viewers to the center of the hall, where today's artists have also explored the visions of the future.

The gallery has also changed its architecture – visitors will be able to push walls aside to choose the objects they’d like to see. The renewed National Art Gallery features artwork from 150 different authors, which are interconnected by various topics and interlinking contexts.

Take a look at the photos below:

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