2019.07.08 15:00

Lithuania ranked 11th in the world for election integrity – survey

BNS 2019.07.08 15:00

With a score of 78 points out of 100, Lithuania was ranked 11th in the the world with high or very high election quality, a new survey has revealed.

"It's the recognition of the high level of election democracy and the country's appreciation," Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission said.

Among neighboring countries, only Estonia scored better than Lithuania, coming in 8th, as Poland ranked 22nd and Latvia came in 26th.

Meanwhile, the United States was 61st, and the United Kingdom 66th.

The election quality survey was carried out by scientists from Harvard University and the University of Sidney and involved 3,861 expert and data on 337 national elections in 167 countries.

According to the pollsters, the experts were asked to assess the quality of national elections on eleven sub-dimensions – electoral laws, electoral procedures, district boundaries, voter registration, party registration, media coverage, campaign finance, voting process, vote count, results, and electoral authorities.