2019.07.04 09:58

Women awarded €31,000 in damages for sterilization without her knowledge

A court in Lithuania on Wednesday awarded 31,000 euros to a woman and her husband in non-pecuniary damages from a hospital in Lithuania's southern city, Lazdijai, where the woman was sterilized without her knowledge

"Kaunas Regional Court […] has decided to satisfy the lawsuit in part and award to the defendant 1,000 euros in pecuniary damages and 25,000 euros in non-pecuniary damages from the Lazdijai hospital," Judge Virginija Gudynienė said.

The woman's husband was awarded 6,000 euros in non-pecuniary damages.

The civil case was heard by the court behind closed-doors, therefore, the court does not comment on it any further.

The couple had demanded 150,000 euros in compensation from the hospital.

The woman, bound to a wheelchair due to cerebral paralysis, welcomed a son with her husband in 2004 at the hospital after a c-section. Medics later confirmed that it was then that her fallopian tubes were cut, as she did not have any more surgeries after giving birth.

The husband told BNS that they only found out after a check-up in a private clinic in 2016.

The couple suspects their relatives might have colluded with the doctor as they disapproved of their wish to have children.